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Life On The Move

Inside a pub in Muswell Hill

Things could be worse

Just had a wander down memory Lane, past my old flat in London. And whilst life certainly ain’t all rosey right now, it gave me

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Rowing boat by the bank of Lake Bled

Lake Bled, Slovenia – a relaxing respite from the madness

A remarkably relaxing break in Lake Bled, Slovenia during COVID-19. Where stay, what to do and how to get there.

Lake Bled is a stunning glacial lake about an hour north of Ljubljana. It is seriously photogenic from every angle, but more than that is it remarkably relaxing and peaceful – just what the doctor ordered.

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London City skyline from Bethnal Green, views of The Shard, Gherkin etc

Travelling during COVID – Riding my luck to dodge lockdowns

Travel right now is undoubtedly harder than ever and for good reason there is a global pandemic. I’m going to try and explain – note not justify – why I’m still moving around, albeit slower and more socially distanced than ever. And why in the midst of all this craziness it can actually still be fun and maybe more of an adventure than ever. But it certainly isn’t for everyone

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Freedom is…

Being able to run outside again for the 1st time! We’re allowed outside again. Oh my god, what a joy! The beaches are still officially

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Quarantined in the Caribbean

I’d been monitoring global travel restrictions since mid-January as I was helping to organise a big international trip to Trinidad for Carnival in February, and

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Solomillo al Whisky

So as we’ve put a hold on holidays while we save for the house, I’ve been trying to recreate some of my favourite dishes from

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