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It’s not always a bad thing when you take after your parents

So, every once in a while you realise you have more in common with your parents than you think.

My Dad came to visit this weekend and it became abundantly clear I take after him in a number of ways.

My Dad
  1. The way I walk

I always thought my mum had influenced the way I walk. I was told to never look lost, or vulnerable, don’t be that girl who walks barefoot with her shoes in her hands at the end of the night and looks like she could be an easy target. This advice has served me well when I travel the world or simply look to get home late at night. I always walk with purpose at city girl pace, like I have somewhere to go. I look like I know where I’m going even when I don’t (honestly, never walk with me, my sense of direction is terrible), 9 x out of 10 I am totally lost but won’t admit it.

But walking around Madrid with my Dad I get now that I walk like my Dad. I don’t walk with people, I walk 10 paces ahead. I’m like a woman on a mission, getting from A- B as fast as I can. I don’t stop for anyone, which has occasionally meant I can walk my way backstage like I’m supposed to be there, but be warned if you don’t keep up, I won’t wait for you.

  1. I get shit done

I remember reading ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ and thinking I am more of a man in terms of my problem solving skills. I get shit done. Present me with a problem and I’ll take practical steps to fix it, not just listen in sympathy. Tell me your situation and I’ll tell you the practical solutions to it and make it happen and quite often do it for you whether invited to or not. If you’re not happy with a situation, change it. Don’t just bitch about it. I get that from my Dad.

  1. Wanderlust

I remember travelling loads as a kid. We weren’t rich by any stretch but that didn’t stop my Dad exploring or traveling. He’d chuck a mattress in the back of a transit van, wire up an old TV and drive across Europe to Denmark, Germany, Holland with us kids in the back and we’d travel and explore. He was always keen to see new places and have new experiences and didn’t let our lack of funds or the fact he had 4 kids stop him.

And there are some ways I’d like to be a bit more like my Dad. I’m working on it…

He doesn’t a fuck about fitting in

My Dad is loud and proud and never looks to fit in. From his loud as hell shirts, to his confidence speaking his mind to absolutely anyone and zero fear in asking questions or looking stupid. My Dad is my Dad and is always himself. He embraces his different and never looks to fit in. He is just him and doesn’t give a fuck who knows it. This was sometimes pretty embarrassing when I was a kid and just wanted to fit in, and even as an adult to be honest, but you know what – we could all do with giving less fucks and being a bit more Trev.


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