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Happy to be back in Madrid, for a bit…

I arrived back in Madrid, Spain last weekend after four long months away. I’ve collected a lot of stories on my travels and have a ton of half written posts and notes to complete and publish over the coming months that will fill in the gaps of my adventures.

But for now I’m revelling in being back in Spain, reunited with my husband and rediscovering Madrid for the third time!

Madrid is pretty much how I left it – just without the 30cm of snow! It’s still open while much of Europe is closed. Although the bars open later now (until Midnight) and curfew and local confinements are all cancelled. Music venues are springing back to life, my favourite bars are still serving delicious drinks just with new menus. We’ve been exploring our barrio of Malasaña, and have only just scratched the surface but love everything we see!

Cocktails at 1862 Dry Bar, Madrid
New menu cocktails at 1862 Dry Bar, Madrid

As much as I love travelling, it’s always nice to come home. To have a base.

I love my office, they’ve moved me whilst I was away and I now have an office with actual windows and fresh air. The terrace is open again, I love watching the world from up here. The drip coffee machine I ordered just before I left arrived and I have pictures on the wall (well wine maps). But aside from that it’s still pretty bare!

The view from my office terrace in Plaza de la Luna, Madrid

I’ve missed the gym – and have taken full advantage of the plethora of classes available. Being located right opposite my office – just two minutes from home is ideal. Convenience is king when it comes to consistency for me. I’ve managed to drag myself straight out of bed and into the gym within less than 10 minutes a few times now, and have enjoyed an afternoon refresh and evening wind down session.

It’s nice to have a routine again!

I have yet to fully unpack but will be packing again very soon. We’re off to Cádiz next week for my husband’s birthday. While I’ve been circumventing the globe – he’s been in Spain the entire pandemic and confined to Madrid since we moved here last summer. He’s craving the beach, so that’s where we’re headed. We had crazy dreams of buying a place in Cádiz a while back but have never actually been there. On paper it sounds perfect – a beautiful old Moorish style city by the sea, real Spain, full of culture, great food, wine and a music scene. Let’s see if it lives up to expectations…


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  1. Great to hear you are back in Madrid, if only for a bit.

    Enjoy ur home and Cadiz (never been) ;))

    And that you blogged again !!!!

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