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I accidentally headed to a nudist beach in Mexico

I’m headed to a nudist beach in Mexico! Like much of my travels this year, this was certainly not the plan.

I ended up in Oaxaca and wanted a few days by the sea, Since getting stuck in Antigua I had gotten a taste for swimming in the sea and running to the beach each day sounded way healthier than what I was doing in London -eating my body weight in chocolate and crumpets.

Oaxaca City is a whole lot further away from the beach than I reckoned. I asked a friend for any recs for beaches after randomly googling a few and feeling none the wiser as to where to go. He suggested Zipolite, his recs are usually pretty good – so I booked a hotel – Casa Biulú – and thought job done.

Only later when googling the distance between my hotel and the beach did I discover that Zipolite is a Playa Nudista, fucking hell, I’m going to a nudist beach in Mexico! Jeez. Not only that, but a nudist beach that is incredibly dangerous to swim in, great for surf though. Nice friend huh!

Random fact: Sunbathing naked is actually illegal in most parts of Mexico – not surprising given the country’s Catholic heritage, but Zipolite is one of the only nudist beaches in Mexico.

So am I ready to get naked in public?!? Well Trinidad Carnival has made me feel loads more comfortable in my own skin. I’d been worried about being semi naked in public with people I know and work with before Carnival – but putting on the costume to play mas – I felt like a goddess. And after seeing every size and shape of person bounce around with abandon, gave me less hang ups and finally allowed me to embrace the size of my ass and almost revel in the way it jiggles.

And in Zipolite, it’s not like I knew anyone – or would see anyone I met there every again, So fuck it, why the hell not. I figured ‘cuando en roma, vaya como los romanos’. It’d be another random story to punctuate a weird year of randomness.

It took a few days for it to dawn on me that it wouldn’t just be me there on the beach naked. I’d actually be faced with other naked people too. Ah man, I’d have to walk past a bunch of dicks quite literally and act all chill. Is there an etiquette to nude beaches? Are you supposed to look? How can you not? Do you make eye contact? Or pretend you can’t see them? I’m guessing photos are a no no? Ah so many questions, this is going to be fun!

I wasn’t quite brave enough to bare all on the beach straight away – so the first few days I simply ran along it. The first day I saw a magnificent looking couple peacocking on the beach hand in hand, looking cool AF. The next day I almost tripped in the surf as I tried to avert my eyes from an old man penis strolling the beach.

I really needed to act a bit more nonchalant around dicks before I could think about sitting there for a while. I needed to grow up a bit and get over my inner giggling schoolgirl.

It was six days before I thought fuck it I’m going to do this, I had gone for a late afternoon post-work drink at Hotel Nude and snagged one of the beach beds and thought, why not. It took me a Piña Colada before I felt brave enough to undress and lay face down on the bed, and a margarita before I would turn over.

It was a teeny bit awkward when the waiter came to take my order, more so for me than him, I’m sure he’s seen it all before and more. But you know what, after half an hour lying there with everything out and a bunch of liquor in my belly, it felt kinda liberating. And if my legs always look better with a tan, perhaps a bit of sun will do the trick for my ass too!

My next mission is to actually move from the sanctity of the bed to a full-on stroll on the beach and then take a dip in the sea. I came here for freedom and you can’t get much freer than swimming naked in the sea.

Hopefully, before the end of my stay I’ll be able to make eye contact with someone who is naked without blushing…


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