Eating and drinking my way through life and learning all the while

Say hello to the new healthy me…

So I’m really going to do it.
I’m taking the whole healthy living thing seriously for a little while and leaving my summer indulgences behind.
So phase one of the new healthy me involved a ridiculously colourful Ocado shop full of veggies, pulses and nut and lots of Low GI grains like Quinoa and Bulgar wheat. I like low GI foods because they keep you blood sugar level stable reducing the likelihood of me reaching for the office biccies at 3/4pm and it just actually forces me to buy, cook and prepare proper meals.
Actually I may have to ditch the quinoa, my first attempt at a quinoa dish was dull dull dull and my attempt to spice it up and add a bit of flavour just involved it hitting my stomach and coming straight back up.
I refuse to diet. I love my food too much so just need to swop the food I’m eating for more of the good but tasty stuff. And get off first name terms with my local chinese…
Phase two involves hitting the gym hard. I’d much prefer to be able to eat what I like and just work out to keep in shape – just forgot to do the working out bit recently so have booked myself in to four spin classes this week to shock my body into action.
Also spin will help me keep clean another old affliction I picked up again recently – smoking. I can’t possibly make it through a spin class if I’ve had a cheeky fag.
Phase three is where it is really going to hurt – I’m going to give up alcohol for a month!!!!!
I haven’t felt the need to do this for a really long time but a summer of wine school, wine events, cocktail evenings and cider-soaked festivals have taken their toll and the lovely Anna Richardson, of Supersize vs Superskinny has convinced me if I want to see a significant different in a short space of time I need to ditch the booze and the 2000 odd calories a month that comes with it!
Having a drink in hand can be a bit of an occupational hazard in my line of work but please bear with me as from 1st October until 1st November I will officially be dry.
PS. If you follow me on twitter and hear any cranky tweaks over the next six weeks it is probably because I am a) tired b) hungry or c) in severe need of a G&T
But I have two more weeks left before D Day and intend to fill it with a choice selection of wine events and taste all the new vintages of the wines I intend to pimp out over the next month.
Wish me luck!


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