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Solomillo al Whisky

So as we’ve put a hold on holidays while we save for the house, I’ve been trying to recreate some of my favourite dishes from my travels. And one of the countries I’ve travelled around the most is Spain, from Seville to Salamanca to San Sebastian – each town has a specific culinary footprint with dishes native to each.

One of the dishes Seville is famed for is Solomillo al Whisky, pork tenderloin in a whisky garlic sauce. The best example in town, for me, can be found in Bodegas Santa Cruz – Las Columas, which I’ve tried to recreate it here with this Solomillo al Whisky con Patatas recipe.

Solomillo al Whisky con Patatas


Pork tenderloin cut into medallions
1 bulb of garlic – 12 cloves unpeeled and bashed
two tsp of flour
2 tbls lemon juice
200ml whisky
200ml stock
olive oil



1. Par boil the potatoes and then slice – set aside to fry off later

2. Heat two tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan and add the garlic

3. Fry off the pork tenderloin until gently brown on each side then remove from the pan

4. If having with potatoes, the way it is always served at Bodegas Santa Cruz, fry off the potatoes in the garlic oil, adding more oil if needed. Then set aside.

5. Add then add lemon juice to the garlic in the pan, followed by the whisky (My husband almost cried the first time I made this and used the last of his Monkey Shoulder. But later conceded it was worth it.)

6. Then add the flour, stirring well all the time. Now add the stock.

7. Simmer and stir until the sauce has reduced. Then add the pork (and potatoes if you are having them) back to the pan to warm through and serve with bread to mop up the superb sauce.

For something that taste so damn good, it is really quick and simple to make. Give it a whirl.

The next dish I’m going to try and perfect is another Sevillian treat, El Rinconcillo’s Carrillada Cerdo Iberica en Salsa – Iberican Pork Cheek in sauce, I just need to track down a good supply of Iberican pork cheek. After that I’ll do the Pimientos Rellenos de Carne like it’s served in La Rioja and see where my belly takes me from there…


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  1. I have been dreaming about the solomillo al whiskey from the bodega Santa Cruz for 10 years now. We used to live accross the street from this bodega and this was my favorite dish! I can’t wait to try your version!

  2. Just returned from Seville. Was so pleasedd to discove this dish and your recipe. However, regardless the name, I was told to use cognac instead of whiskey. Any thoughts?

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