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Shaker & Company cocktail bar

Shaker & Co is a great addition to London’s cocktail scene serving up cracking, well-crafted cocktails in a corner bar with a distinct Southern American twang. The quality is not surprising considering the joint is owned by Shaker, an internationally renowned bar tender training consultancy and so all bartenders are Shaker graduates – the value is – cocktails are around £7.50 and Monday-Thursday Happy Hour brings the cost of these quality cocktails down to a fiver – bargain!
The ‘& Company’ in the name, is a nod to the company the bar keeps in its basement (which is much less sinister than I’ve made it sound). The guest basement bar has already played host to Belvedere, Benedictine and Four Roses Bourbon since it launched with each brand making it their own – more about the Four Roses prohibition inspired pop-up in the next post.

The long attractive dark wooden bar has a real neighbourhood feel.  In the two or three times I’ve visited already this year, I’ve managed to work my way through the house menu just nicely.
While they have a good selection of classic cocktails, I’d recommend opting for the house cocktail menu which includes gems such as Cowboys V’s Ninjas – Four Roses Bourbon washed with Brown Butter, Espresso-Vanilla Liqueur and Whole Egg (blended not boiled in case you’re wondering).
I’m a little obsessed with Chocolate Bitters right now so am loving  It’s Not Terry’s It’s Tin Tin’s which is like a bitter grown up take on the Terry’s Chocolate Orange and thankfully not as sweet as you’d think – it’s made with Mandarine Napoleon, Aged Sake, Drambuie, Chocolate Bitters & Lime Juice dressed with Fresh Thyme.

The signature cocktail has to be The S & Co made with a blend of Hennessey VS Cognac, Housemade Chai Cider, Tamarind, Rose and Maraschino, you can keep the cute little shaker for an extra £2.50 – although I wonder how many of these babies go missing…like the best barware they have a certain steal-ability.

The New Orleans theme is carried through to the menu, which centres on shareable Soul Food like Jerk Chicken Wings with a Bourbon Dip and some damn fine home-made Nachos.
Shaker & Co is set just a 5 minutes walk from Warren Street and Euston Square stations, but I get the feeling it doesn’t benefit too much from passing footfall. They are working really hard to drive people in with some great live music and regular in bar entertainment, and special tastings via the basement bar.

For me this is a destination bar, well worth seeking out – for inventive, well-crafted (and priced) cocktails and a relaxed neighbourhood vibe.


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