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Underwhelmed at Amico Bio, an organic veggie Italian restaurant

I must confess to being a veggie (well pescatarian) who has never stepped foot in a veggie restaurant.
Not for want of trying, I’ve just not managed to convince any of my meat loving friends and family that it is worth going out to eat veggie.
So when I went for lunch yesterday at Amico Bio – a Vegetarian, Organic, Italian restaurant – with the #clerkenwelllunchers I was so very happy to see a whole menu of options open to me, never before have I been able to choose anything and everything on the menu.
While we weren’t strictly speaking going for starters I couldn’t resist the Homemade focaccia bread, provola cheese, Gaeta olives and organic extra vergine olive oil – so ordered it as a side.

For mains I opted for the wholemeal risotto of the day, a squash risotto with nutmeg.
Lunch was a real free for all, just how I like it, so I also got to sample a forkful of beetroot pasta, ravioli and a side of courgette fritters.

If I’m honest after the initial excitement of having a plethora of options available I was a little underwhelmed.
While I can’t fault to focaccia platter and the crisp fritters the mains were a bit of a disappointment.
One of people’s main gripes about veggie food is it can be bland, boring and unsatisfying compared to succulent bit of pork, or a juicy steak and while the dishes were certainly not boring – there were very interesting and inspiring combos – they were not as flavoursome as I would have hoped.
The dishes lacked a bit of bite, the flavours too subtle and seasoning poor.

My risotto was pleasant enough but lacked the richness I thought it needed.
If I’d managed to drag my husband here on the premise that veggie food can be every bit  as exciting and flavoursome as meat dishes given enough imagination we’d both have been sorely disappointed.
I have no doubt, bread and cheese aside, what I ate today was wholesome and healthy but if its not tasty too then what’s the point…
So while I would go back for the starters and sides, especially if with the same great group of people, I’d give the mains a wide berth as I’m sure there are much more satisfying veggie options out there.


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  1. Hey Sarah, try Terre a Terre next time you are in B Town. An old mate of mine, Dino Pavledis is Head Chef………

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