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Suitcase in front of Venice train station with views of the Canal

Six good things about traveling solo

I’m going to talk about the good parts of travelling solo, but before I get into that I’ll say it isn’t always easy. I’ve long prided myself on my ability to travel independently, either plan a route or sometimes just land somewhere and figure things out and always find some fun on the road. But up until this year, my travelling was mostly intermittent- a few days, weeks, a month or so here or there before boomeranging home to recharge and refresh and go back out to do it all over again. This year is different, I’ve been on the

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Glimpse of The Royal Castle Warsaw

An unexpected 20 Hours in Warsaw

Due to the Russian roulette of the UK Travel Corridor Green List I found myself unexpectedly making a stopover in Warsaw last month. Flexibility seems to be the name of the game for travel during COVID-19. I’d gone to Slovenia via Venice for work and was keen to stick to green countries on the way back and avoid crappy airlines like Wizz or Ryanair. So I ended up with a 20 hour layover in Warsaw. Poland has never really been on my travel hit list for some reason, and with little time to research I landed in Warsaw with zero

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Glass of Champagne on balcony at Hotel Triglav at sunset overlooking Lake Bled

Hotel Triglav Lake Bled Slovenia

This is a great spot to soak up the majesty of Lake Bled in Slovenia.

It’s a cute, traditional hotel full of character, the service is excellent and the location couldn’t be more perfect, perched high above the lake with spectacular lake and mountain views and just a 5 minute walk down to the lake, 10 minutes to the nearest shop.

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Focus on Granada

All About Granada


I first visited Granada back in 2006, it was one of the first stops on a backpacking trip, we stayed in a hostel by Gran Via. We didn’t fall in love with it instantly, as probably were a bit nervous of security given our first back packing experience. We went for a big dinner in a Moroccan restaurant in the Islamic quarter, and then went for a few drinks. Big mistake. With every drink, we were given a plate of tapas. We were confused, we

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Granada Focus

Quarantined in the Caribbean

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