Musings on the move

Inside a pub in Muswell Hill

Things could be worse

Just had a wander down memory Lane, past my old flat in London. And whilst life certainly ain’t all rosey right now, it gave me pause for thought about how much tougher life might have been had I not decided to pack up and leave almost two years ago. Things could be worse… I can’t imagine how depressing lockdown would have been stuck inside my old one bed flat in North London, with no outdoor space. Admittedly, it would have meant I spent lock down with my husband instead of with an ocean between us, but pretty sure we’d have

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Sunset from rooftops in Malasana, Madrid

Living in a red country sucks

I’ve woken up this morning with a real wave of despair about the state of the universe, the reality dawning on me I won’t be going home anytime soon and plans to see my husband are just a pipe dream. When I moved to Madrid back in June I was full of optimism, I seemed to have missed the worst of lock down from my Caribbean bubble and returned to Spain when lockdown ended, completing our move from Granada to Madrid just three months later than planned. That first month I could have been forgiven for thinking I’d dodged a

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Taverna La Tana

This place came recommended to me three times over, and I wasn’t disappointed when I visited, nor on any subsequent trip. It is usually a

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Focus on Granada

All About Granada


I first visited Granada back in 2006, it was one of the first stops on a backpacking trip, we stayed in a hostel by Gran Via. We didn’t fall in love with it instantly, as probably were a bit nervous of security given our first back packing experience. We went for a big dinner in a Moroccan restaurant in the Islamic quarter, and then went for a few drinks. Big mistake. With every drink, we were given a plate of tapas. We were confused, we

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Granada Focus

Quarantined in the Caribbean

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