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So I survived an earthquake in Mexico City

This year has been a weird one, full of new experiences- but one I wasn’t expecting and was thoroughly unprepared for was to survive an earthquake in Mexico City.  I mean I should have been. September is earthquake season in Mexico and a friend of mine had recanted this experience of the earthquake siren going off when he was in Mexico City and what to do etc. I remember thinking I should probably remember that sound. But I was staying in a neighbourhood that had sirens blaring all the time and after living in the centre of Madrid and staying

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So I did an erotica shoot and why I think you should too!

So I did an erotica shoot, and why I think you should too! I’ve been umming and ahhing about whether to share this story or not, but fuck it.  I did an erotica shoot, boudoir shoot, whatever you want to call it and it felt good, liberating and I’m super proud of the pictures that came out of it. I didn’t plan to do this. I actually started looking for some new business profile pictures as the old ones didn’t look like me any more. But as I hate having my picture taken I was looking for someone who could

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Casa Biulú Zipolite

Casa Biulú in Zipolite is the perfect spot for the digital nomad wanting to get some work done in beautiful surroundings. Located just a five

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Selva Oaxaca Cocktail Bar

The best cocktail bar in Oaxaca. This 1920s art-deco styled venue magics up gloriously well-crafted cocktails using produce local to Oaxaca and serves them up

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Focus on Granada

All About Granada


I first visited Granada back in 2006, it was one of the first stops on a backpacking trip, we stayed in a hostel by Gran Via. We didn’t fall in love with it instantly, as probably were a bit nervous of security given our first back packing experience. We went for a big dinner in a Moroccan restaurant in the Islamic quarter, and then went for a few drinks. Big mistake. With every drink, we were given a plate of tapas. We were confused, we

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Tales from Zipolite, Mexico

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