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Travelling fast and slow

Travelling today seems to be simultaneously fast and slow due to COVID-19 requiring rapid change of plans and jumping on planes with 24 hours notice while I still can and spending much longer away from home in any one stretch than I usually would pre-COVID. My uncle and cousin were teasing me yesterday, saying my 12 year marriage is effectively counted in dog years, and would be probably only be the equivalent of 5 years with any normal couple if you count the time actually spent together. I came home that afternoon and worked out I’ve not spent more than

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5 top tips for surviving quarantine without going insane

I joined a travel chat #TTOT on Twitter for the first time this week and one of the questions was around travelling during COVID-19. I agreed with all the advice re travelling respectfully, listening to local mandates re quarantine, social distancing, curfews and wearing masks. But as someone who has spent 5 months of last year on the road as I couldn’t get home – I also have some real world advice on what has helped me survive the various lockdowns (x2), quarantines (x2), self-isolations (x3) and curfews (x5) I’ve experienced over the past year. Here are my 5 top

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Glass of Champagne on balcony at Hotel Triglav at sunset overlooking Lake Bled

Hotel Triglav Lake Bled Slovenia

This is a great spot to soak up the majesty of Lake Bled in Slovenia.

It’s a cute, traditional hotel full of character, the service is excellent and the location couldn’t be more perfect, perched high above the lake with spectacular lake and mountain views and just a 5 minute walk down to the lake, 10 minutes to the nearest shop.

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Focus on Granada

All About Granada


I first visited Granada back in 2006, it was one of the first stops on a backpacking trip, we stayed in a hostel by Gran Via. We didn’t fall in love with it instantly, as probably were a bit nervous of security given our first back packing experience. We went for a big dinner in a Moroccan restaurant in the Islamic quarter, and then went for a few drinks. Big mistake. With every drink, we were given a plate of tapas. We were confused, we

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Granada Focus

Quarantined in the Caribbean

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