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Luggage outside a doorway in Madrid

Happy to be back in Madrid, for a bit…

I arrived back in Madrid, Spain last weekend after four long months away. I’ve collected a lot of stories on my travels and have a ton of half written posts and notes to complete and publish over the coming months that will fill in the gaps of my adventures. But for now I’m revelling in being back in Spain, reunited with my husband and rediscovering Madrid for the third time! Madrid is pretty much how I left it – just without the 30cm of snow! It’s still open while much of Europe is closed. Although the bars open later now

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Travelling fast and slow

Travelling today seems to be simultaneously fast and slow due to COVID-19 requiring rapid change of plans and jumping on planes with 24 hours notice while I still can and spending much longer away from home in any one stretch than I usually would pre-COVID. My uncle and cousin were teasing me yesterday, saying my 12 year marriage is effectively counted in dog years, and would be probably only be the equivalent of 5 years with any normal couple if you count the time actually spent together. I came home that afternoon and worked out I’ve not spent more than

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Latest reviews

Casa Biulú Zipolite

Casa Biulú in Zipolite is the perfect spot for the digital nomad wanting to get some work done in beautiful surroundings. Located just a five

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Selva Oaxaca Cocktail Bar

The best cocktail bar in Oaxaca. This 1920s art-deco styled venue magics up gloriously well-crafted cocktails using produce local to Oaxaca and serves them up

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Focus on Granada

All About Granada


I first visited Granada back in 2006, it was one of the first stops on a backpacking trip, we stayed in a hostel by Gran Via. We didn’t fall in love with it instantly, as probably were a bit nervous of security given our first back packing experience. We went for a big dinner in a Moroccan restaurant in the Islamic quarter, and then went for a few drinks. Big mistake. With every drink, we were given a plate of tapas. We were confused, we

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Granada Focus

Tales from Zipolite, Mexico

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