Craft Beer Rising 2014

Craft Beer tastes way better than your average lager. It is flavoursome, usually has a cool story and, because craft beer is having a major moment right now, it is much easier to get your hands on. Expand your mind and go taste some. Craft Beer Rising is showcasing over over 400 craft beers at Old Truman Brewery this weekend. Go.

That’s pretty much all I need to say but if you need a little more convincing read on…

Craft Beer Rising has brought together beer, music and food. A winning combination.

Little Jack Horner's homemade sausage rolls

Little Jack Horner’s homemade sausage rolls

I lined my stomach with Little Jack Horner’s Handmade Sausage Rolls – quite possibly the best sausage rolls in the world – although Mark Hix is serving up the Hix Fish Dog (think posh fish fingers with mushy peas instead of mustard), plus there are burgers, authentic Melton Mowbray Pies, a slow-smoked Kansas City BBQ. You get the picture, you’ll not go hungry.

I digress, essentially the food isn’t an after-thought but really everyone is here because of the beer, and craft beer to be precise. Defining what craft beer is, unfortunately is not so straight-forward so I won’t bother (well that seems to be the industry’s approach).

In the US craft beer it is defined as being made by a craft brewery that is small, traditional and independent. In the UK we are hesitant to define what craft beer is, read up on BrewDog‘s stance on why we should fight to define this growing movement in order to protect it and Morning Advertiser for more details on  the debate around defining craft beer.

Truman's friendly service

Truman’s friendly service

So back to the beer itself, there are 75 breweries touting their wares and over 400 beers available to try.

All producers are very keen to share their story and knowledge and allow you to discover what craft beer is right for you. The event is really well organised and well attended by both trade and consumers, so much so, most dates are now sold out. Do not fear, Craft Beer Rising will be going on tour so sign up for their newsletter and keep your eyes peeled for more info.

If you do miss out, try the home delivery service offered by alesbymail, Craftibeer and Beermerchants.

Here are some of my favourite finds from Craft Beer Rising:

Favourite London tipple:             Attaboy by Old Truman Brewery

Favourite easy drinking style:  Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ ale or Hawaii’s Big Wave Golden Ale

Most hardcore:                                 You don’t get much more hardcore than the punk inspired Hardcore IPA from Brewdog

Coolest looking tap:                    A toss up between Long Hammer IPA and the pink elephant craziness that is Belirium Tremors

Most unusual find:                       Beavertown Brewery’s Bloody ‘el a tangy Blood Orange IPA or London Velvet, a palate confusing combination of traditionally brewed Porter and West Country cider, strange but true.

Red Hook's Long Hammer IPA 'Hammer' beer tap

Red Hook’s Long Hammer IPA ‘Hammer’ beer tap

Delirium tremors 'Pink Elephant' beer tap

Delirium tremors ‘Pink Elephant’ beer tap

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One Response to Craft Beer Rising 2014

  1. Mo says:

    There’s a great craft beer pub in my neighbourhood. Must try this one though

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