Lunch at The Ship, Wandsworth

Lunch at The Ship, Wandsworth doesn’t quite do this justice – this was more of a banquet. I was one of many bloggers invited to The Ship in Wandsworth to sample some goodies from the new menu. With five starters, five main courses and three desserts to get through – I really did do my best to try a little of everything and avoid falling into a food coma.

Before we get to the food, how about the location – aside from the fact as a North London girl it is saff of the river, it is set on the riverside at Wandsworth Bridge with an array of outdoor seating. It is a destination spot in summer no doubt, and actually kind of beautiful on a cold Saturday afternoon in January too.

So after arriving terribly late (as I got a little lost) I arrived just in time for the first starter to come out, Grilled Lamb Cutlet, Spiced Tomato and Yogurt Dressing. It sounded like more of a main than a starter, but at this point I was ravenous as I’d been saving myself so I was not complaining. A single grilled tender lamb cutlet, served with a home made spiced samosa, tangy tomato rosti and a yogurt dressing.

We were sharing the dishes between 4-5 of us, so I took a polite mouthful before sharing with the rest of the table.

The remaining dishes came in a wave, Red Onion Soup and Cheese Crôute was sweet and warming, Baked Black Sticks Blue Mushroom Torte, Truffle Rosti, Creamed Spinach wasn’t really my bag, the award for the best presented dish went to Scallops with Fennel Purée, Crisped Fennel, Garlic Chives, which tasted as good as it looked. We were then seriously spoilt with Foie Gras and Chicken Liver Parfait, Rum soaked Baby Figs, Toasted Brioche – simply devine!

I started to realise the importance of Gail’s instructions on the invite - ‘pace yourself’.

But I kept going…now although I’d not been here before, news of the Ship’s legendary burgers had reached me in North London – and this Char Grilled Beef Burger with Cheese and Pickled Cucumber did not disappoint.

The Seared Plaice, Parma Ham, Poached Leeks, Samphire, Champagne Sauce is a delicate dish, quite frankly anything wrapped in ham gets my vote, and the salty crispy ham juxtaposed the soft, flaky fish perfectly.

Arguably, my favourite dish was the Braised Pork and Cider Pie – which looked like a fish pie with a mashed potato top, but instead of fish in a white wine creamy sauce we got pork in a delicious cider sauce. Served with Mustard Glazed Carrots and enjoyed with half an Addlestones cider – the West Country girl in me was a very happy bunny.

I should also mention the Guinea Fowl, Truffled Mash, Sprouting Brocolli, Wild Mushroom Jus – but I was too busy enjoying the pork and cider pie and this was demolished by my table mates, who couldn’t speak highly enough of it – we were way past polite by this point and eagerly digging in.

Somehow, I found space for desserts – well seriously who can’t find space for Chocolate Fondant – instead of gooey chocolate inside we found some plums, served with ice cream – it hit the spot.

I wasn’t mad about the Treacle Tart it isn’t really my thing, but have to say I’ve never had anything like the Stem Ginger Ice Cream it was served with – it is inspired!

I’m sure I polished off the Passion Fruit Panacotta almost single handedly, well it just slips down doesn’t it. It had the perfect wobble and was served in the most fantastic dish which resembled a flying saucer with a Coffee Short Bread.

I was super impressed with The Ship – it is a big beautiful pub with plenty of different dining spaces both indoors and out, serving seriously good quality food in a bustling atmosphere. I’d take the Ship over a staid restaurant any day and would quite happily make a special trip saff of the river too – as it is most definitely worth it.

Thanks for The Ship for their hospitality and for Gail for organising – we were truly spoilt with some great food and company.

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I’m Sarah and I'm currently studying for my WSET Wine and Spirits Diploma whilst juggling a busy job in drinks PR. Eats, Drinks and Sleeps pretty much sums up my existence, although I'm trying to add working out to that equation too - so I can eat and drink guilt free. I'm always keen to attend tastings or events that I could learn something from, and always on the look out for new places to eat and drink and discoveries that will expand my palate and culinary repertoire. I love to meet like-minded wine and spirit loving types who are generous with their recommendations, get in touch via slb5(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk if you have something to share.
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4 Responses to Lunch at The Ship, Wandsworth

  1. Gail says:

    So glad you enjoyed it lady, and you arrived just in time! I think that you could possibly plan a return visit to try the only thing you might have missed, the legendary Scotch Egg…

  2. glad you struggled through; yet another convert to the marvels of the Ship it would seem. (I’m yet to go…)

  3. Sigh. So sorry I missed this – husband booked a surprise trip to Portugal and I had to cancel (tough life, I know…!). The food looks as amazing as always but that scallop dish with the crisp fennel is just mind-blowing! For sheer drool factor you can’t beat the burger though…

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